Our results speak for themselves. We’ve build a wide portfolio of success in a variety of sectors, including the arts, legal project management, design futures, and more. 

When we co-design a solution for a client, we always begin with the end in mind. One technique we utilize for this purpose is called backcasting. Developed in Waterloo, Ontario in the 1990s, backcasting has been used by governments, communities and well-known organizations like The Natural Step. The first step in backcasting is to determine what it is you want: what sort of future do you want to live in? What principles are the foundation of the solution? What relationships need to be in place? A simple version of backcasting looks like this: 

Results Backcasting

From there, with the future a bit more concrete and in hand, we can begin to develop and plan and process to get there. Since the systems you’re working with are likely nonlinear, complex, and even a bit difficult to handle, we encourage you to think about adding Thero to your team. We’ve conducted successful backcasting and collaborative approaches to problems for a number of clients. 

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