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Process Improvement CCPA 2018

The Canadian Positive Psychology Association (CPPA) hosts the largest single country conference in its field in the world. The 2018 Canadian Conference for Positive Psychology (CCPP) held over 50 concurrent sessions, pre-conference workshops, 5 internationally renowned keynote speakers, and the 1st Canadian scientific meeting on well-being. The Canadian Conference for Positive Psychology is on a journey – to position itself as a leader conference for positive psychology worldwide. With a major emphasis on bringing together researchers, organizational and business leaders, educators and practitioners from across Canada and the world, the conference is designed to explore the factors that help individuals and communities flourish. Thought leaders are made here.  The conference organizers decided to partner with Thero to bring a dash of innovation and process improvement behind the curtain. 

Our approach started with a thorough needs assessment and requirements elicitation process; we had to get clear on exactly what was needed, when it was needed, and how it supported the greater goals of the conference. 

Once this was achieved, Thero mapped approaches onto known requirements – fancy digital tools, old school spreadsheets, and everything in between. In concert with conference management, we co-created a rigorous process and digital screening workflow that reduced staff burden considerably and provided five figure savings to the organization. Additionally, conference managers reported a strongly streamlined process that not only provided strength and weight to their decisions, but significantly improved relations within the scientific community. 

Because Thero practices continuous learning when implementing a process improvement, Thero maintained support throughout the entire screening process, iteratively adjusting the tool and providing new design assistance as new information became available. To make sure the conference was carried out smoothly, Thero picked up “all the little things,” that cumulatively add up to significant encumbrance, and resolved many of them quickly and easily, with minimal input from conference management.

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