Design Futures at 10C

The Design Futures Lab is Thero’s contribution to 10C’s already excellent capabilites. 10C is the hub for community changemakers in Guelph. With over 100 individual and organizational members, many of Guelph’s best and brightest innovators have met, planned and built something within 10C’s walls. 

As a platform for social innovation and co-working, 10C is always on the lookout for interesting collaborations. Recognizing a need to support their social entrepreneurs with locally relevant expertise, 10C partnered with Thero to develop a series of iterative programming options that help those who are doing good do it even better. 

Over the past couple of years, we’ve offered no-frills rapidlab style consultations, workshops, and online referral services. We’re proud to report that in an anonymous evaluation, 100% of survey respondents have rated our service as “excellent.” 

While we’ve offered an interesting menu of programs in the past, our current flagship program is the design futures lab. The design futures lab is intended as a place for skill development, real-world applications, and the co-creation of knowledge in the entrepreneurship, design, and futures space. In 2020, look out for collaborations with the Flourishing Enterprise InstituteThe Strongly Sustainable Business Model Group, and some deep dives into business design and empathy via inclusive design. We hope you’ll join us.

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