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How can we help you develop the capacity of your organization? How can help you to adapt, change, get things done? At Thero, it all starts with a conversation. You can start that conversation right here; contact us below. We’ll get back to you within 12 business hours – guaranteed.

Complex challenges excite us. If you’d like to know more about what Thero does, if you have something in mind for us, or you just want to say hi, we’d love to hear from you.

Come Visit Our Office

We’ve been happily housed at 10C, the social innovation hub of Guelph, since the beginning. 10C is a great place to share ideas, connect, and build great things (like Thero!). We’re a stone toss from our friends, across the street from city hall, and steps from the central transit hub, including the GO train and Via Rail. Not a bad place to spend some time.

 For more about our work with 10C, see our design futures lab here. For more about 10C, how they operate, and how you can join us, drop a line at 10C. Lastly, check out the very innovative community bond offering at 10C – you can own a part of this.