Collaborative Project Management with AMI Business Solutions

AMI Business Solutions partnered with Thero to develop a unique, highly collaborative project management system. Theo is now proud to say we contributed significantly to solving multinational offshore white collar crime, with sticky notes. 

When a stack of hundreds of banker’s boxes filled with more than forty years of financial documentation was discovered in the Balliwick of Jersey, channel islands, something wasn’t right. Names, dates, and locations didn’t match. Bank statements didn’t agree with each other. Secret board meetings, some contrived, took place, shifting assets from place to place. Loans were made out to companies that existed only in name. Funds had been secretly converted to art and other collectibles. 

Those hundreds of bankers boxes contained nearly a million pages of documentation. These documents detailed a series of crimes committed in multiple countries, on multiple continents. They weren’t easy to read; there was intentional misdirection, some destruction of documents, and many were documents that had been faxed back and forth and heavily weathered, with coded notes and outright fabrications interspersed.

Sorting this out, and pursuing high-priority opportunities via a collaborative project management solution, was Thero’s main focus from 2016 to early 2019. 

Recognizing that we were in a high uncertainty environment, we started by mapping known and best-guess processes and outcomes. We started to define success based on known legal precedent and financial projections for asset recovery, in close collaboration with legal firms in relevant jurisdictions. We built a team of document reviewers and subject matter experts, who manually sifted through each page, flagging for known issues, account numbers, and other relevant information. In a short time, we recognized that we would need to plan and design for frequent, shocking changes as new information was revealed from the data we were collecting. 

We used storytelling to create paths of inference that were subsequently tested under interviews with persons of interest. By keeping particular key facts, dates, and documents on sticky notes, we were able to easily rearrange and adjust the flow of information as needed. 

Here’s the brief on what we accomplished:

  • 3 year, precedent-setting multinational litigation project; developed an end-to-end process and large volume (1M+ docs) data product.
  • Reduced operations costs by more than 90%, with a total savings in excess of $6M, by developing a distributed process that prioritized high-value interventions.
  • Recruited, developed, and managed a team of more than a dozen full-time staff and subject-matter experts, to meet the needs of a multi-jurisdictional offshore criminal investigation valued at more than $50M.
  • Created a discovery-driven plan and built an emergent strategy, utilizing an agile management system to optimize for frequently changing requirements. 

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