Coordinating Provicinal Arts Festivals

Coordinating Artfest

Artfest Ontario hosts juried arts festivals across Ontario. With four shows, hundreds of artisans at each venue, stages for performances, and food vendors, these events attract upwards of 10,000 visitors per day. Artfest focuses on providing a high-quality experience to both artisans and attendees. Artfest partnered with Thero to ensure quality and continuous improvement and innovation at their festivals. Thero provided a series of coordinating processes and scenario planning.

Scenario planning is a method used by organizations to build flexible long-term plans for their organization, and to visualize and plan for adaptation in the face of uncertainty. This provides organizations with the ability to “plan for the worst, and expect the best.” Common uses of scenario planning are military, disaster relief coordination, and situations where environmental conditions or other factors may cause significant change to the plan. Scenario planning allows for consistency tests, identifying significant drivers of change (e.g. an extreme weather event), and developing positive perspectives on events that cause change. At Thero, we use scenario planning in a variety of specialized modules, optimized to deliver realistic, actionable results to clients according to their self-assessed needs. 

Over a number of years and interactions, Thero provided detailed security and logistics analysis, program management, customer experience design, and failsafe emergency planning. Since each of Artfest’s events is outdoors, managing uncertainty in weather patterns was a constant struggle. By performing a detailed vendor assessment and developing a consistent communications pipeline, Thero and Artfest were able to ensure the safety and comfort of hundreds of evacuees when a unexpected weather pattern emerged.


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