Innovation Services

Innovation Services

Over the last 10 years, companies that have focused on design and innovation services have outperformed the S&P 500 by 211%. There’s something to it. 

We provide advanced innovation services to meet your needs. Whether it’s a rapidlab for your social enterprise, a customer discovery process to find your next big contract or an innovation platform to build your dream, we’re there to provide it.

Developing an effective innovation capability is not easy, but it pays significant dividends when done well. A big part of effective innovation management is working with ambiguity and complexity; recognizing that they are present in every project and system, sometimes more than less. We don’t analyze the past to predict the future – we think that’s looking in the wrong direction. We emphasize empathy in our actions, openness to new ideas, and the development of a self-supporting portfolio and network of innovation capabilities that grow and develop on their own, often in surprising ways. That’s the whole point, after all.

You might have most of what you already need. Skilled staff, strong relationships and a vision of what might be possible. Thero can help you build a innovation brokerage – the ability to connect more sources, facilitate co-production, and vastly reduce transaction costs. Thero’s innovation processes focus on making your company the knowledge broker. We assist you in building systems that facilitate the co-production of knowledge, social learning, and systems developments.

Thero can facilitate, ideate and create with the best of them. We’d be happy to show you how.

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