Collaborative Project Management

Collaborative Project Management

Collaboration is the way of the future. The world economic forum believes collaboration is the skill to have for the 21st centry. They even think it may be the only way we’ll solve the difficult problems that lay ahead of us. We couldn’t agree more. 


 Conventional project management works best when you have very clearly defined goals, achieved sequentially, with firm rules and fixed phases of development. Testing usually comes after building. Changes are few and have quite a bit of overhead. Conventional project management is plan oriented. This approach works well in safety-critical projects, like manufacturing a run airplanes. They need to be identical and meet strict regulatory requirements.


While Thero does offer the conventional approach to project management, we also offer a unique, collaborative approach. We start with listening and empathy; we start with asking questions and building deep, shared understanding. We bring stakeholders to the table to ensure clarity on requirements and proposed solutions. 


We prioritize high-value work, and design processes that support rapid delivery of high-quality projects. We build simple, rapid prototypes first, that address the main problems for the stakeholders. At the start, we emphasize progress, not perfection. We test before, during, and after building. We frequently check-in, to make sure everyone knows where the team is at in the process. The team, by comparison, is sheltered from the administrative burdens, and able to focus on doing deep work.


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