Know your terrain. Know your approach.

Our approach is a unique combination of systems thinking, design thinking, innovation management and capacity building. We use a highly co-creative approach to planning our actions. You choose your level of involvement – whether you want to lead, co-design, champion or monitor your results, we’ll be there alongside you. 


Many of our clients find that they’ve taken one of their most skilled, productive team members, and put them in charge of managing the process. The idea is sound: you want those mirror neurons firing. Clients often find that while you can be a great engineer and a great manager (and a great facilitator, and a great designer), the skillset isn’t the same. Often, teams find they hit a productivity bump – we’re here to help you over it.


By bringing Thero on board, most clients find they are able to free-up the time of those high-skill employees, generating enormous, scalable impact. They are able to learn new skills rapidly, and are able to act more proactively.


We start with good questions. Who is the user? What do they need? What systems does your solution interact with? How do they change over time, at scale? How do they take in new inputs? How do they get rid of waste? What are the relationships?

We use information to inform our designs.
We always bring a rough sketchto our meetings – it’s important our clients see solutions well before they are finished (and it’s important the client helps to build them!). We use ideation and prototyping to explore, evaluate, and communicate our solutions. Test first, test often.

We follow through on our implementations.
The map is not the territory. You can’t just build a solution and leave. If you need us, we’ll be there with you through till you reach your own, personal summit. We don’t leave people or clients behind. We don’t pile solutions on our clients without reason.


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