We're a Collaboration Laboratory.

(A Colaboratory)

What We Do

Thero is about co-creation, innovation, participatory design and empathy. We’re experts in managing complexity, developing new systems and processes, and bringing in the important stakeholders to build something together. That’s real collaboration.

We offer a unique approach. We provide collaborative project management, systemic design, and innovation strategy. Our approach is rooted in systems thinking, design thinking, complexity science, and organizational capacity building. 

We’re a distributed system. Our headquarters are a co-working space for a reason – it’s the perfect summary of what we’re all about.  This is the future of work. 

We believe in meaningful global change. We recognize we need to act on those beliefs. Inspired by Matthew Manos of verynice.co, we’ve decided to step up and commit. As of 2019, we’re committed to working towards giving half of our work away for free to deserving nonprofits that align with our mission and can fully utilize our services. If that’s you, reach out to us here.

We Believe

  • The relationships are important. Whether we’re mapping a network, scaling a service, or rolling out a new process, we always ask: What are the connections? How can we enhance them? What can we rely on?
  • Complex problems are best solved in groups. The world is an increasingly complex place. We work on solving complex problems by empowering the people who work on them.
  • Teams are the future. Organizations do best when they think of their capabilities at the team level over the individual level. 
  • Collaboration is the skill of the 21st Century. The World Economic Forum believes that skilled, creative, empathetic collaboration might be the our best shot at solving the increasingly complex global challenges society is facing. We couldn’t agree more: that’s why we’ve developed a unique, collaborative process for managing complex projects. See more about our approach here.