Thero designs, advises, builds and collaborates with the best organizations of the future.

Our Capabilities

We work across industries on primary capabilities and organizational infrastructure. 

Change Management

Digital Transformation



Research & Development


Capacity Development

Knowledge Mobilization


Built with the future in focus.

Thero practices organizational development and management consulting from a unique perspective; we think in the long nowwe are redefining waste, and we embrace complexity.

We work to build organizations that don’t just deal with change, but thrive on it.

The client perspective

“[Thero Staff] is one of the best strategic thinkers that I've ever met. His work has enabled us to take a critical look at what we do in a non-threatening manner. Furthermore, the effects of his work have inspired innovation and constant improvement long after he left. He's clearly someone that is destined to be among the top in his field. ”

Evan Ferrari, eMERGE Sustainability

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